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Summer Youth Employment Program

    April 15, 2014

    Your CiHRG Workforce Readiness Committee invites you to read and participate in the Summer Youth Employment Program – please note this is different than what was presented to our group earlier this year and the program pays the student instead of the business. This is a great opportunity for all involved. Please send in the attached Job Pledge Form as soon as possible if you are interested! Lucenda is available for any questions and her contact information is listed below. Please let Lorianne Bauer, CiHRG Workforce Readiness Director, know if you are participating so the committee can be aware of participation by our members. Her email is

    Champaign's Summer Youth Employment Program is a job skills training and career exploration program for Champaign students entering grades 9th-12th that includes a 6 weeks placement in a local business.

    Students submit an extensive application for the program and must meet all the criteria which includes having at least a 2.0 GPA, at least 90% attendance, 2 or fewer in and/or out of school suspensions, and they must be eligible to receive free or reduced lunch.

    The students are hired and paid through our program directly so the businesses that participate tend to treat it like an unpaid internship from their perspectives. The primary goal is to give them an inside look at any given career which they would never have the opportunity to do without the necessary credentials, as well as providing some hands on work/projects whenever possible.

    The duties given to the students are decided by the businesses and they are free to adjust the requirements of the students by communicating with them and us throughout the duration of the program. Each student will be assigned a work site coordinator that will be in regular contact with the student and their business placement during the 6 weeks as well so they will not be alone in the process.

    Should you decide you would like to participate in the program and provide an opportunity for one or more of our students, please fill out and submit a Job application form as soon as possible. There will be a mock Career Fair for the businesses and students to meet which will be held at Centennial High School on Wednesday May 7th at 4pm. More information will be provided upon receipt of pledge form.

    Lucenda Barnes
    Champaign Unit 4 Schools
    Summer Youth Employment Program Planner


    For additional information click here.

    If your agency/Company/Business is interested in partnering with the Summer Youth Employment Program for the summer of 2014, please click here.