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    University of Illinois internship HR internship
    ISU internship Description and application

    These employers are seeking qualified candidates for HR related positions.  Click on the position title for more details.

    To submit a position announcement, send the following information in PDF format to

    • Company name (company that will hire employee)
    • Location of position - city and state
    • Position description
    • Experience and education requirements
    • Contact information - name, e-mail, phone

    CiHRG members post for free. Individuals/organizations who are not members of CiHRG may post a position announcement for a fee of $50.  The check must be received prior to the position being posted (if applicable) or payment via PayPal here;

    Positions will be updated weekly and will remain posted for a period of 30 days.  If the position remains unfilled at the end of 30 days, the member / organization must resubmit the information (and pay an additional $50, if applicable) in order for the position to be posted again.