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Health and Wellness Committee


    Barb Wleklinski,
    217-374-8104, email:
    Debbie Mennenga, Champaign County Government
    217-384-3776, email:
    Judy Mitchell, Health Services Consultants
    217-398-0754, ext. 50, email:
    Gayle Gustafson, CIMCO
    217-678-2511, ext. 353 email:
    John Katsinas, Barham Benefit
    Teresa Kelnhofer, Regency Management Service, LLC
    217-359-7031 ext. 28

    Our Mission:

    The primary purpose of the CIHRG Health and Productivity (HP) committee is to:   identify resources, provide education and be a proactive community advocate to protect and promote the health and productivity of the workforce for members.

    Initiatives of the committee shall work towards buildings collaborative partnerships with the local community, medical and insurance community, and / or aligning with health coalitions to promote accessible affordable health care.

    The goal of this committee is to assist CiHRG members in being a working partner with their respective organization to be a proactive advocate in relation to employee health care benefits and wellness programs rather than being reactive to the health care and insurance provider market.

    The HP Committee objectives shall:

    • Provide information to the CiHRG membership regarding wellness resources available in the area;
    • Promote effective communications/linkages with the area medical community,
    • Encourage the sharing of best practices amongst CiHRG represented employers,
    • Develop strategic alliances and partnerships to promote the health and productivity of workforce,
    • Actively engage the health insurance market to respond to needs of employer groups large and small.