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01/2018 Meetings & Events

    January 2018
    Date Event Type
    January 9 Making Millennials Great: 5 Pillars For Building the Next Generation Luncheon Meeting
    February 2018
    Date Event Type
    February 13 Recruiting Strategies: Community Data and You’re Welcome CU Luncheon Meeting
    March 2018
    Date Event Type
    March 13 Current Tax Law Implications and How They Will Affect Employees and A Company's Bottom Line Luncheon Meeting
    April 2018
    Date Event Type
    April 17 ILSHRM and CIC-SHRM Annual Legislative Conference Conference
    April 17 Accountability: Leadership and Culture Workshop
    May 2018
    Date Event Type
    May 8 The Science of Getting It Right Luncheon Meeting
    May 10 Annual Spring Chambana Job Fair
    May 24 Illinois CUPA-HR Annual Conference Conference
    June 2018
    Date Event Type
    June 12 HR C-Squared Lab: What HR Can Do to Narrow the Gender Pay Gap HR Hack Lab
    July 2018
    Date Event Type
    July 10 HR C-Squared Lab: Influencing Leadership in Recruitment and Retention HR Hack Lab
    August 2018
    Date Event Type
    August 14 HR C-Squared Lab: Maintaining Morale in Times of Crisis HR Hack Lab
    August 30 Central IL HR Leadership Conference Conference
    September 2018
    Date Event Type
    September 1 Apply for a SHRM Certification/Recertification Scholarship Deadline
    September 11 Current Trends in Benefits: Using Benefits to Attract and Retain Talent Workshop
    September 13 So why do they leave? And how do we make them want to stay? Seminar
    October 2018
    Date Event Type
    October 9 Half Day: Transformational Teams: Establishing a Culture to Foster Productivity, Cohesion and Resilience Workshop
    October 18 Catalyze: A Professional Networking Event Workshop
    October 30 Veterans' Employment and Resource Fair Workshop
    November 2018
    Date Event Type
    November 1 HR Challenges in Small & Medium-Sized Businesses Conference
    November 13 Managing the Absent Employee While Navigating the Law Seminar
    December 2018
    Date Event Type
    December 11 Holiday luncheon Luncheon Meeting